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We’re here to ensure that those sounds that move us are never lost.  We’re here to make sure that albums can be saved when there are people out there willing to save them.  We’re here to keep music alive in all of us.  We have the technology, we have the power.  Let’s keep everything we hold dear, alive, through this website.


Empower those around you to become the bearer of information, the keeper of sounds, and the producer of lost music.  Let’s not become another lost civilization of history, specifically music.  Contribute to this website, post, attach music, do whatever you think is necessary to keep something alive!

About Us

The entire purpose of this site is to allow the population to control the music. No more corporate ran websites and stations telling you what you should listen to each day.  YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO!  We're here to give that power back and to give you an outlet to discuss music.  Please do not upload anything that you do not own the copyrights to post or distribute.


We aren't a group to boast but these people deserve a lot of credit.  Please take the time to thank them for all of their hard effort in putting this together.  Each one is a volunteer dedicating their time because they believe in the cause.  They choose to do this.

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